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Apocalypse Series AP7.1

Quick Specs

  • Woofer for monitors and Hi-Fi
  • Paper/Glass ber mix fiber cone
  • Cast aluminum basket
  • Balanced Drive motor structure for optimal drive force symmetry
  • Large motor with 1½" Heavy-duty black ber glass voice coil

The 7.1" transducers Apocalypse Series 7.1 (4 ohm) was designed as high performance bass and midrange units for monitors and high-end Hi-Fi speakers. It offer outstanding deep bass performance and dynamic and detailed midrange.


1. Balanced Drive motor structure for optimal drive force symmetry resulting in largely reduced even order harmonic distortion
2. Copper cap on center pole to reduce voice coil inductance and to minimize variations in voice coil inductance as a function of voice coil position
3. Cone made of a new paper/glass ber mix with improved consistency and stability
4. Rigid die cast alum chassis with extensive venting for lower air fow speed reducing audible distortion
5. Vented voice coil former for reduced distortion and compression
6. Vented center pole with dual lares for reduced noise level at large cone excursions
7. Heavy-duty black ber glass voice coil former to reduce mechanical losses resulting in better dynamic performance and low-level details
8. Large motor with 1½” voice coil diameter for better control and power handling
9. Built-in alum feld-stabilizing ring for reduced distortion at high levels
10. Low-loss suspension (high Qm) for better reproduction of details and dynamics
11. Black motor parts for better heat transfer to the surrounding air
12. Conex spider for better durability under extreme conditions
13. Gold plated terminals to ensure long-term trouble free connection

Nominal Specifications

Note 1 Measured in infinite baffle.
Note 2 Tested in free air (no cabinet).
Note 3 Measured using a semi-constant current source,nominal level 2 mA.
Note 4 Measured at 20 deg. C
Note 5 Measured at 25 deg. C

SPL & impedance response

Measuring conditions, SPL
Driver mounting: Flush in infinite baffle, back side open (no cabinet)
Microphone distance: 1.0 m
Input level: 2.83 VRMS
Smoothing: 1/6 oct.

Measuring conditions, impedance Driver
Mounting: Free air, no baffle, back side open (no cabinet)
Input signal: Semi-current-drive, nominal current 2 mA
Smoothing: None

Apocalypse Series

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